Johnny Miller says he’d be interested in helping Tiger Woods with his swing

Johnny Miller is without a doubt the most outspoken golf commentator on television today. Whether you love or hate the guy, the one thing we can all agree on is that he never waffles on a topic ... and that he has an opinion on everything.

Whether it's a particular golf swing or the difference between modern-day equipment to the clubs he used "back in the day," Miller always lets you know what's on his mind. He's a shock jock, and no matter how you feel about the guy, his opinions always make for a good conversation around the water cooler.

Miller tends to be all over the map when he's on the air, but if there's one thing you can always count on, no matter if he's in the field or not, is an opinion on Tiger Woods. Like every other member of the media (and fan for that matter), Miller has discussed Woods' mindset and swing ad nauseam from the moment he entered the TV booth.

But unlike 99.99 percent of the folks out there, Miller apparently had the chance to work with Woods on his game at one point early on in the 14-time major winner's career. In the October issue of Golf Magazine, Miller noted in an article that he was approached by Woods' people about working with him on his swing.

"Not many people know this, but when Tiger had been on Tour for two or three years, his people called and asked if I would give him lessons on short irons," Miller said. "Jack Nicklaus told him I was the best short iron play ever—a pretty great compliment."

That's a pretty big deal, especially when the greatest player of all time is recommending you for the most coveted gig in golf. Miller ended up declining the job, saying he wanted to spend time with his family. Quite honestly, you can't blame the guy for having his priorities straight.

Even though the offer never came around again, Miller said that if he was given the chance now he'd definitely take it.

"He's the guy I'd like to help most," Miller said. "I've been watching him since he was in junior golf. I know all the swings he's had. I think I could help him get back to his natural swing, not the swing someone else wants him to make. I'm open to helping him."

I know Tiger's already working with Sean Foley, but I wish there was a way to make this happen. Turn it into a reality TV show, like the "Haney Project," and have Miller coach Woods for an entire season to see if "Mr. 63" could improve his swing.

Seriously, who wouldn't watch that show? Even though there's a better chance of me making a hole-in-one, I still think we should all write in to the Golf Channel to make this happen. The only problem is convincing Tiger it's a good idea. I'm sure he'd come around to it ... in a million years.

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