John Daly withdraws from Austrian Open after rules dispute

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If nothing else, John Daly entertains. It's not always good entertainment (and I could link to multiple stories here if I wanted), but it's engaging. You want to read about it. You want to see what he does next. You want to hear about the latest Daly blowup.

Cue the Austrian Open, this week's European Tour stop, and the site of Daly's fourth start this year across the pond, and cue another WD for the 45-year-old.

The story is, Daly was struggling in the second round, on his way to another missed cut, when he hit his tee shot in the water on the par-3 15th hole. Daly tossed his club in the pond as well, and after taking a drop, finished the hole and carded a double-bogey 5. Problem was, one of the rules officials thought he took an illegal drop and assessed him a two-stroke penalty, and that was when Daly figured he'd had enough that week and withdrew instead of finishing his round.

The good news? If you look at his scorecard, you'll see a 64 next to his second round, which would be nice if someone happened to forget he didn't play the last three holes ("good score!"). The bad news? The trend that has continued to follow Daly around strikes again. As our pal Ryan Ballengee pointed out, Daly has an 8-to-1 withdraw to top-1o ratio over the last five years.

Also, it gives credence to the story we published just over a year ago that said Daly's career will be summed up in two letters (this was something Daly didn't take too kindly too, saying on Twitter that we here weren't real writers anyway).

I think it's clear that Daly is just playing enough golf right now to coast to the Champions Tour, which will be five years from now, where he can hang out and take home checks at a rapid pace when that happens, but for now, it's not "How will Daly play this week," it's simply, "Is he going to finish the round?"

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