John Daly wasn't invited to Arnie's party, and he's hurt

We have a lot of fun with John Daly around these parts, whether it's his threats of retirement or his plans for pizza, but here's the thing -- the guy's actually playing some pretty good golf right about now. He's making cuts and making bank.

Alas, though, things aren't always wonderful in DalyLand. You'll note that he's not at Bay Hill this weekend, and he won't be in Houston next week either. Why? Well, let's let him tell you himself, courtesy of his Twitter page:

"sorry haven't been on been depressed-- BayHill and Houston turned me down during Friday's round at Transitions for exemption spot"

Yeah, kinda sucks there for Daly. One wonders if his reputation, and his willingness to spill his guts on Twitter at every slight, played into the tournaments' decision not to bring him aboard at either tournament.

The problem for his game, Daly knows, is the possibility of losing momentum: "not getting an exemption is 3 weeks off and I'm not even suspended."

Late Wednesday night, Daly took an implicit shot at golfers like Steve Elkington who have others go to bat for them in getting an exemption: "I'm proud to say I've written my own exemption letters."

Tough break for Daly, but he's still a prisoner of his past. If he can keep playing good golf, the exemptions will come, oh yes they will.

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