John Daly wants Jon Gruden to take Bobby Petrino’s old job

There are two reasons we haven't covered the absolutely hysterical Bobby Petrino-on-a-cycle story: 1. It broke during the Masters, which led to plenty of hilarity in the media room but no room to cover it on our site, and 2. This is a golf site, and unfortunately he wasn't driving a golf cart. But guess what! Now we can get in on the action!

None other than John Daly, proud and outspoken Arkansas alum, took to Twitter to ask Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long to hire Daly's pal Jon Gruden for the gig:

Daly and Gruden, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach and current ESPN commentator, go way back; Gruden once caddied for Daly at the PODS Championship in 2008. That, as Golf Talk Central notes, was the tournament that got Daly dropped by teacher Butch Harmon. Daly had apparently partied a bit too hard in a hospitality tent.

You know, as generous as Daly is in recommending his friend, I think we've got a better answer here: JOHN DALY FOR COACH OF THE ARKANSAS RAZORBACKS. Shoot, taking an engaged woman half your age on a motorcycle while still married wouldn't even crack the top 10 of Daly's achievements.

(Yeah, this post isn't going to get Daly to un-block me on Twitter, is it?)

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