John Daly ... your new underwear model

There are certain sentences I never thought I'd type. Pluto named new hot vacation spot. Bill Gates claims welfare. Hugh Hefner joins

All of those, however, don't hold a candle to the headline I just wrote. John Daly is going to be an underwear model.

Okay, so maybe he won't be a "model," but he is being endorsed by an underwear line named Slix that started up about four months ago and are probably cooler than the Joe Boxers I still sport.

Daly told Heather Jones, "Slix boxer briefs are the most ridiculously comfortable underwear I’ve ever put on. When I’ve got my Slix on, it’s all good."

Sadly, I don't know nor do I want to know what "being all good" means with Daly and his undies, but the first week he's partnered with Slix meant a made cut and a paycheck for the first time this season, even if Daly closed with an 81.

All good indeed.

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