John Daly says Tiger Woods cheated because he wasn’t sexually fulfilled

This could do it. We in the golf media don't know a lot of things, but we know this: If you want a story to fly, it has to include Tiger Woods, John Daly, Michelle Wie or sex. Thankfully, Wie wasn't mentioned, but this has everything else. Consider it the no-hitter of golf journalism.

Daly, who has nearly as many marriages (four) as PGA Tour wins (five), joined 790 The Zone in Atlanta to talk about his recent advice for future NFL quarterback, and former alma-mater sharer Ryan Mallett. The conversation turned to Tiger, and Daly offered up some interesting points about past discussions with Woods and what went wrong back in 2009 after he mentioned some stuff about things he would have changed about himself:

"But I told him, 'if you would have come out that night after the incident and told the world what was going on — not listened to your agents, not listened to anybody else, just what your heart said and thought what you just told me — this story would have ended in one day.' And (Tiger) said 'I know, I know. I just had to listen to everybody.' [...]

"I mean, you're looking at a guy [Woods] who all the way through his college days, all there was was golf, golf, golf, golf golf. And then there was more golf. And then there was more golf. The guy never had a chance to live a life, and you know, certain things that people go through they find out they like and don't like. And as a young man or whatever, there's certain things you like and certain things you don't like. He found out late what he really liked because he was never around it. He didn't have a chance to find out what women were like and what girls were like that much until he was in his late teens, late late, almost 20. I don't think folks realize that."

This was the point that Daly insinuated that Tiger wasn't happy with his sex like with wife Elin, and went on to say this:

"My exes, if you look at my life, they just quit supporting me. Plus, they didn't want to have sex anymore. And when that happens — and I've always been straight up front with every one of them — I said 'if you're not going to give it to me, I am going to go get it somewhere else.' And that's just the way I've been whether there's a ring on my finger or not. Is that adultery? Maybe so, but from what I understand, when you're married they're supposed to give it to you."

Asked after that comment if Tiger should have gone up to the podium and said, "I'm not getting it anymore, I've had enough," Daly answered, "Exactly. That's what I did."

Obviously this an extremely personal matter, and if Tiger doesn't talk about his short game with the public he sure isn't going to bring up how the sex was with his ex-wife, but it is news to hear it come out of the mouth of someone like Daly.

Nobody really knows for sure how close Daly and Tiger have ever been, but I'm sure they have chatted at times and I'm sure personal stuff, even in jest, has been hinted about.

Also, if you're going to talk about marriage troubles with someone, it seems Daly would be the guy you'd turn to. He has been through a lot of things, so if you had any advice, even if that is how not to do it, Daly might be the one you'd want to speak with.

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