Is a John Daly reality series really what golf needs now?

Last weekend, at the Sony Open, John Daly, slimmer than a steel-shafted seven iron, was in the field, competing for the first time in 2010.

In a story that has become all the norm it seems with Big Little John, the look and talk might have changed, but the results were a lot alike: Daly missed the cut at the Sony Open, making it four of his last five tournaments without a check to show for his efforts.

But that isn't what is in question here. During the telecast for The Golf Channel, the network determined to change its image, pumped and pumped the new reality television show with Daly. Basically, the show is going to be another attempt at following Daly 2.0 (or is it 3.0? Or 4.0?) around and give us a look at who John really is.

But should they be doing this? Is this what golf fans should be wanting from their pros?

Listen, if you know me, you know I like to have a good time. Having some laughs and some beers and making a bad decision here or there isn't beyond me, and I'll never play that card like I'm better than that. With that said, however, I'm pretty sure following around a guy that has been, at times, as far from a role model as you'd want in this sport isn't exactly the perfect perception of the PGA Tour.

On top of all that, we are pushing this just two months after golf's golden boy, Tiger Woods, went from hero to zero faster than Daly had to add holes in his belts? The golf world more than ever needs a refresher course in image, and constantly promoting a show following the sport's quintessential bad boy seems like a disservice to what might help boost the morale of golfers, young and old.

Would I watch a show about Ben Crane or Lucas Glover? Absolutely not. It would get XFL-style ratings.

But, as we've seen on Twitter with guys like Stewart Cink and Ian Poulter, personality can come from the least likely, and those are the type of guys that The Golf Channel should be approaching if they're going to really show life on tour.

Maybe they wouldn't do it. Maybe Daly needs the cash and enjoys the spotlight and gets to showcase some of the other things he does besides golf. It just seems that if The Golf Channel is serious about changing, and giving golf fans a real channel with real shows, rehashing a failed attempt at a Daly reality show isn't the way to go, and it isn't what the sport needs in 2010.

Let John play some good golf, contend in some events, and really focus on making birdies, and maybe that is when we could follow him around with cameras. For now, it might be best served highlighting someone new, exciting and personable.

And if Daly isn't doing all the crazy stuff that has made us all enjoy the 43-year-old throughout his career, what is really there to watch? If I want to watch someone play the guitar, I'll switch it over to VH1.

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