John Daly puts a finger on a problem facing many men

Say this for John Daly: the man knows how to leave an impression in your mind.

Behold his pants above. You can see the hands. all over them. You can also see the single outstretched finger. This is a set of pants designed for a charitable purpose, and we'll give you one guess: men's prostate cancer awareness.

All right, stop shivering. It's a good cause, and Daly's a good guy for getting involved with it. The formal deal here is a partnership between Loudmouth Golf and the William R. Meyn Foundation's annual "Don't Fear The Finger" campaign. The idea is to promote awareness and early detection of prostate cancer.

"John's gotten a raw deal from a lot of people," says Alan Wallace, executive VP of LoudMouth Golf. "People still think he's this boozer, and he hasn't had a drink in almost four years. He homeschools his 8-year-old son." And, Wallace noted, he's helped LoudMouth Golf go from a company with less than $1 million in revenues three years ago to a projected $12 million this year.

All that aside, this wasn't a quality performance on the course for Big John. Daly had a rough day, going +5 including three bogeys in his first three holes, but his strong -4 performance on Thursday left him plenty of cushion to play the weekend. He'll be able to bust out two new pairs of pants, and you can bet he'll draw interest for those.

John Daly, cleaned up and playing quality golf. There's something really different about the guy now ... we just can't put our finger on it.

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