John Daly crashes and burns on Sunday with final round 79

It looked promising for John Daly after Friday at Torrey Pines. The 44-year-old is trying his hardest to play well so he won't ever have to worry about getting invitations into certain events, something he lashed out about after his opening 67 on Thursday.

Daly was in the hunt, but if there is anything we've learned from Big John, it's you can't turn the movie off until the credits start rolling. Daly started the weekend at eight-under, but a Saturday 76 knocked him off the leaderboard. He made an early birdie during that third round, but couldn't avoid the squares.

Then came Sunday. Daly was one-under after nine holes, looking to finish with a good score to keep him high enough to earn a decent payday. That was out the window quickly, as Daly closed with a 44 on his final nine holes, dropping him all the way down to a tie for 65th.

I don't ever knock Daly personally, because I have no idea what kind of person he really is. He seems nice enough, but it is things like this that keep me wondering if he could ever contend for 72 holes again. He plays well here and there, but it just seems that blowups, and major blowups at that, happen more often now than they ever have.

If Daly plays his final nine holes at even par, he would have finished in the top-20 for the first time since the Buick Open in 2007. That would have been a pretty great feat to knock out this early in the season. Sadly, for golf fans everywhere, he couldn't do it, and at a tournament where a year ago he said he was thinking of just quitting the game, those thoughts could easily be lingering around again.

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