John Daly’s advising soon-to-be-NFL QB Ryan Mallett? Huh?

So here's a story that initially seems bizarre, but on closer inspection makes a whole lot of sense: John Daly is offering career and image advice to Arkansas QB and prospective NFL draftee Ryan Mallett.

The two Arkansas alums were brought together by former NFL head coach/current Monday Night Football This Guy Jon Gruden as part of Gruden's "QB Camp" show on ESPNU. Gruden and Daly are pals from way back, to the point that Gruden has caddied for Daly on occasion.

Now, at first glance the idea of Daly offering anyone image advice is like Tiger Woods offering tips on maintaining a healthy marriage. But Daly is self-aware enough to understand his own issues and mistakes.

"The first thing I wish I would have done was that instead of worrying about how to handle everyone else, how do I handle me? I did a horrible job.  I wasn't ready for it," Daly said, via ProFootballTalk.  "I think the most important thing for Ryan is how he handles himself.  Whether it's an interview or whatever, listen to the question before you answer it."

Mallett, like Daly, has been dogged with the euphemistically named "character issues," the term reserved for a player whose pain-in-the-butt behavior and attitude verges on overwhelming their on-field talent.

"Some of the things you are going to do off the field, think about the responsibilities," Daly said. "Because I've learned the hard way."

No word on whether Daly added that you need to be careful whom you marry, but we're pretty sure he'd add that advice without even having to be asked.

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