Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz played roller golf and now it's all we want to play

The idea of "building the game of golf" has been a hot topic in 2014. Between the HackGolf idea to the 15 inch cups to Top Golf, people have been trying hard to find different ways to present the game of golf so that a new generation might find it interesting and take it up.

Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, took it a step further on Wednesday night, challenging Cameron Diaz (who showed off her golf skills in "Something About Mary") to a game of roller golf after her segment on his show.

Basically the two started from the same spot, each with only one club, and the idea isn't to count strokes, but to be the first to go through the roller golf course and get their ball in the hole first.

You see the video above, but how much fun does that look? Sure, it isn't really "golf" as much as it is hockey with golf clubs, but if the idea is to get golf clubs in the hands of kids and see if they enjoy it, this is another step in the right direction, and Fallon joins his buddy Stephen Colbert as the second late night host to talk changes in the game since all of this stuff was announced.

Now, who has a roller golf course that a few of us can go take over!?

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