Jason Dufner plays a prank on Keegan Bradley during their opening round

If you've ever spent longer than 90 seconds on Twitter and you're a golf fan, you probably know that Jason Dufner and Keegan Bradley like to mess with each other. Both are always sending stuff to one other poking fun like buddies tend to do.

During the opening round of the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge, Dufner and Bradley were paired together and it was the Auburn fan that got the best of Bradley.

After avoiding a rock in the bunker, Dufner was handed it by his caddie to toss out of the trap, but instead of doing it, he just put the rock in Bradley's golf bag.

While this event has big names in the field, it is still a fun golf tournament and stuff like this shows just that.

If I was Bradley, I would definitely focus my prank revenge on the television Dufner is watching when the SEC Championship comes down to the end.

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