Jarrod Lyle becomes the eighth golfer to ace the 16th in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. -- Not since 2002 has TPC Scottsdale's infamous 16th hole been able to erupt the way it is molded to do, but little known Jarrod Lyle changed that early on Saturday.

The 29-year-old Australian pro who won twice on the Nationwide Tour in 2008 hit a little eight-iron as he was putting the finishing touches on his second round on Saturday when the ball disappeared on the 16th, sending Lyle in as much of a celebration as the patrons already enjoying the coolest hole in golf.

Lyle's shot bounced twice, disappeared, and Lyle's arms were raised. How good was his celebration? Well, good enough to possibly land a letter from the PGA Tour next week.

"I probably looked like a complete moron carrying on down there," Lyle said with a big grin on his face. "That's just one of those things, i think the crowd spurs you on a little bit, and I was trying to spur the crowd on a little bit to make it as loud as possible. It was just an incredible feeling.

"I thought it was going to fly a little too far up there, but when I saw it bounced and it bounced a second time, I thought 'Oh, this is pretty close,' and then it disappeared and I'm like, 'Holy hell, it's in!' So, I carried on, and cheered and screamed and I think i dropped a naughty word up there, but I was just so excited I didn't realize the camera was three feet in from of my face so I dropped an F-bomb, so there might be a letter in my locker next week," Lyle joked.

it was Lyle's first ever ace as a professional golfer, and eighth ever on the 16th at TPC Scottsdale. It was also the fifth ever on Saturday, even though this one came in the second round instead of the third, like the other four.

Lyle said, "Of all the holes in the world to have a hole in one on, this is probably the best one that you could get it."

The better news for Lyle besides the bar tab he will now be forced to pick up? The ace pushed him to five-under for the tournament, making the Waste Management the fourth straight event Lyle will make the cut at, and put him in a good spot for a big check over the next two days.

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