Jamie Donaldson makes hole-in-one on the par-3 6th hole at the Masters

Devil Ball Golf

The only thing cooler than making an eagle at the Masters and winning a set of crystal goblets? Making an ace, and winning a big crystal bowl for all to see.

That's what Jamie Donaldson is going to receive after his tee shot on the par-3 6th hole. The 37-year-old Welshman is playing in his first ever Masters and he already has a memory that will be tough to forget. Standing on the 6th hole on Thursday, Donaldson hit his tee shot in the hole for the first hole-in-one of the 2013 Masters and easily the best shot of the first round.

Donaldson was just the fifth person to ever make a hole-in-one on No. 6 and the first to do it since Chris DiMarco recorded one there in 2004.

Also, it was the 24th hole-in-one in Masters history. If you want to watch video of it, swing over to Masters.com and check it out under the highlights tag.

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