Jack Nicklaus says Tiger told him he might not play U.S. Open

It seems these days, when Jack Nicklaus is behind a microphone, something magical might happen. On Tuesday at his golf tournament, the Memorial, more of the same happened (like when he told a reporter "you don't know a damn thing about Ohio State football, do you?"), but it was when Jack talked about his recent conversation with Tiger Woods that was the most revealing.

Why? Because Jack said Tiger told him he might not even be at the U.S. Open.

"Tiger called me Friday and he was trying to -- he said, I tried up until today to see if I'm going to be able to come and play [the Memorial], but I can't. He said, I'm still hobbling, and he said, I don't know whether I'm going to make the U.S. Open or not," [Nicklaus said].

When Tiger announced two weeks ago that he'd likely be making his return at Congressional, we here at Devil Ball questioned that, mostly because it seems strange to pick the hardest golf tournament in the world as your return back to golf, and now it seems even Woods is questioning his ability to get back.

What would it mean if Tiger had to skip the second major of the year? Just remember back to those days when Padraig Harrington was winning all the majors and recreate it now, but with a lot more questions about the future of Tiger and golf in general. If Woods isn't around, almost all of the chatter will be about the the foreign contingent taking over the PGA Tour (as it should be) and it will give the rest of the world a chance to keep an American out of the majors' winning circle for the fifth straight time.

Still, we all know if Tiger is healthy enough, and he thinks he can compete, he will be there.

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