J.B. Holmes withdraws from playoffs to undergo brain surgery

Here's a dose of perspective: J.B. Holmes has withdrawn from the FedEx Cup playoffs and will undergo non-invasive brain surgery. His management team has called the issue "non-life-threatening" and indicated that Holmes has a condition known as Chiari malformation.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke notes that a Chiari malformation is a structural defect that causes problems with balance. Holmes has been having problems with vertigo since May, and has played poorly since that date.

"I know when people hear 'brain surgery' it conjures up all kinds images," Holmes said in a PGA Tour press release, "but this [is] a relatively low-risk surgery and only takes about an hour and a half. Best of all, there's a very high success rate in fixing the condition. It's just such a relief to know that there's a name for what I've been going through these past few months and that I have a good chance of getting back to golf and to my regular life. I really appreciate all the support from fans, friends and family, and I am looking forward to a full recovery for the 2012 season."

Holmes is scheduled to have surgery next week at Johns Hopkins. Doctors have said that Holmes could be hitting balls as soon as a month after surgery. Our best wishes to Holmes for a quick recovery.

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