Ian Poulter's week has been fairly hectic

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ. -- If you wouldn't mind journeying back with me for a moment, let us go back to your wedding day (and before you ask, the first wedding). I bet there isn't a lot you can remember. All the stress leading up to it coupled with the event and the band and, "Oh, why is the flower girl pulling her dress over her head" makes events like that a blur.

Now, imagine you are a PGA Tour player, seeking your first win. You are grinding our tail off, trying to beat another golfer as talented as you, and all you can think about is winning, winning, winning. Then, you win (hooray!) and the next thing you know, it's Wednesday the next week and you don't know what the hell just happened.

You, sir, are Ian Poulter. Here is his week.

"I got off the course on Sunday, obviously very happy, made a couple of quick phone calls back home, mom, dad, kids, the usual. I jumped on a plane pretty quickly to Palm Springs to do a Cobra commercial, which started at 6:30 (on Monday) and ended at 7:00 at night. Jumped on a plane, come back (to Arizona), got back to -- I'm staying with Pat Perez this week, so had dinner with Pat in the evening, fell asleep, woke up and hit a few putts yesterday lunchtime, went back, fell asleep, and here we are Wednesday," Poulter said after his Wednesday practice round.

You'd think all that calamity would be reason enough for Poulter to pull out of the Waste Management Open, an event he's never played, but the fact is, he can't. It doesn't fit in his schedule. The man is too booked up.

"I can't see anywhere where I can put an extra tournament in from how I've penciled out my season," he admitted.

That still didn't stop him from waiting until Tuesday night to make a decision.

The bottom line about it all is, even if Poulter misses the cut this week, hits a spectator with a snap-hook drive and loses all his pants on the flight home, the trip to the desert will have been a success. Being a tired winner sure beats being a refreshed loser any day of the week.

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