Ian Poulter shows you how to get out of trouble, especially if that includes amazing balance

We've all hit golf balls that ended up in really, really strange spots. A few weeks back I over-hooked a golf shot that not only hit the beverage cart, but stayed there, meaning either I needed to take a free drop or the golf gods were trying to point me in the right direction of my next profession.

But if you do find yourself in a weird spot, Ian Poulter is here to help. In this latest campaign by Cobra Golf, Poulter stands on a railing on a golf course and gives you specific tips to help you not only hit your golf ball if it ends up there, but hit it on the green.

Sure, it isn't a golf ball landing between the legs of a spectator, but the video is fun and interesting and if nothing else, shows you just how good Poulter's balance really is.

h/t Eye on Golf

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