Howard Stern claims he “drives” a golf ball “300 yards”; you be the judge

Howard Stern, King of All Media turned cuddly "America's Got Talent" host, may not exactly qualify as a shock jock any more, but he'll still say a thing or two to raise eyebrows. Like, for instance, his contention that golf "ain't that hard" and that he can uncork 300-yard drives. Stern posted this video of his golf swing during Jimmy Kimmel's wedding this past weekend, and we'll let you judge for yourselves if that T-Rex-arms, hop-step swing can go 300 yards ... or 300 feet. Love you, Howie, but with that swing, the only way you're driving a ball 300 yards is in a cart.

Of course, what would have really capped this off would have been Tiger Woods shouting "Bababooey!" in Stern's backswing. Turnabout is fair play, you know.

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