High school golfers card aces on same hole by bouncing ball off cart path

We've seen some incredible hole-in-one stories over the last nine months. There was Daniel Chopra carding two aces in the same round at Pebble Beach, a 12-year-old recording two in nine holes, and an amateur golfer holing out from the tee on a par-4. But the story you're about to hear ... well, let's just say the hole-in-one bar has been raised.

We have North Dakota high school golfers Collin Larson and Brandon Winter to thank for upping the ante on ridiculous hole-in-one stories. Playing a high school qualifying round at Rose Creek Golf Course, the freshmen golfers had no idea the 140-yard, par-3 fourth hole would be the site of an incredibly crazy feat.

How crazy was the feat, you ask? How about two holes-in-one on the same hole, same day, using the same club (9-iron) ... while also bouncing the ball off the cart path. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.

Via the West Central Tribune:

The coincidence of Winter's and Larson's shots both falling is almost too much to believe, but there was another common thread between the pair of aces.

Both Winter and Larson almost had identical shots. Each golfer had their shots go short and bounce off the cart path onto the green before finding the bottom of the cup.

"When I saw it bounce up and start rolling, I was just hoping I would get close," Larson said. "Then when it dropped in, I couldn't believe it."

The odds of two members of the same foursome acing the same hole is roughly 17 million-to-1, so this feat is clearly a one-in-a-million occurrence. But when you add in both bouncing the ball off the cart path for the ace, you'd have to figure the odds would skyrocket.

Seriously, if I were the parents of these kids, I'd consider going out and buying a couple lottery tickets. Talk about a couple of insanely lucky boys.

Visor tip to CBS's Eye on Golf

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