Here is how you can (kind of) play Augusta National

The 11th and 12th at Augusta National —Getty Images

Augusta National

The 11th and 12th at Augusta National —Getty Images

Face it, you're probably never going to play Augusta National. Not only is the home of the Masters one of the most exclusive courses in the world, but it's only open part of the year and isn't exactly a course that posts tee times on Golf Now.

Just like that moment when you realize that your dream of being a professional athlete are probably behind you, it's better to just accept the fact that you may never walk inside the ropes at Augusta and just hope to one day land a badge as a spectator.

That said, it is absolutely possible to play a golf course that replicates Augusta. A few courses across the country allow you the ability to play a replica of Amen Corner and some of the other great holes at the home of the Masters, and we have them listed below.

Tour 18, Houston — The Tour 18 idea is a simple one; make a golf course that builds 18 holes to replicate 18 famous holes across the country. The course in Houston replicates Amen Corner (holes 11-13 at the real Augusta) in the middle of their opening nine, giving players a chance to play the tough par-4, the famous par-3 and the left-swinging par-5.

Tour 18, Dallas — Very similar to the course in Houston, the only difference being that their version of Amen Corner is actually your three closing holes, meaning you'll end on the replicated Amen Corner.

Renditions, Davidsonville, Maryland — This course is similar to the Tour 18, but expanding a bit to give you holes from all around the world. Amen Corner is again included in this, allowing you the ability to play Nos. 11-13 on their front nine.

The Castle Course at Northern Bay, Arkdale, Wisc. — A replica course featuring two Augusta National holes, but a bit different than the ones above. The Caste Course replicates the 16th hole at Augusta, the famous par-3 that was the site of one of Tiger Woods' most famous golf shots ever, and also gives you a chance to play a replica of the par-5 13th as well.

Golden Ocala Golf and Country Club, Ocala, Florida —This is a very unique replica course, that gives you 10 unique holes to the Ocala course while replicating eight famous holes including the 12th and 13th at Augusta National.

International World Tour Golf Links, Myrtle Beach, S.C. — The one on the list I've actually played (birdied No. 11!), this course gives you another look at the famous Amen Corner from Augusta National. Not only is Amen Corner included, but the World Tour Golf Links gives you 27 holes of replica golf, and they are pretty solid considering some take on British links golf and ocean holes without an ocean.

Wooden Sticks, Uxbridge, Ontario — If you're north of the border, you might want to check out Wooden Sticks, which has 12 of their 18 holes replicating some famous PGA Tour holes including the 12th and 13th from Augusta National.

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