If you heckle Tiger Down Under, choose your spots wisely

Seems like it's been forever that ol' Tiger Woods has been the goat/butt of jokes/target/what-have-you, but it's been less than a year. And now, he's back at the site of his last happy moments, the Australian Masters. He won this tournament last year, you'll recall, and just a few days later had that unfortunate run-in with a hydrant. (Allegations were that Woods wasn't just racking up scores inside the ropes in Australia, if you get our drift.)

Anyway, although the stateside furor over Woods is pretty much over and done, and even the British press has worn out its fervor for all things Tiger thanks to his two visits across the pond, the Australian contingent hasn't yet gotten its chance to show its verbal dexterity at zinging the man in red. But if you're reading this Down Under, and you think you're going to follow TW around with a bunch of "Get in the hole! Oi oi oi!" lines, think again.

Australian media reported that heckling fans would only get one chance to heckle Woods before being thrown out of the Australian Masters, but tournament officials insist that's not the case.

"It would be silly to adopt a one warning and you’re out policy and not look at every issue on a case-by-case basis," tournament director Marcus Gale said via Reuters. (In other words: Be funny, not mean, and you might skate, mate.)

Tournament officials are expecting anywhere from 70,000 to 100,000 fans at the event. Surely not all of them will be well-mannered. Surely.

[Illustration courtesy of Shane's Dogs That Chase Cars]