What the heck, let's talk Phil's chances for a Grand Slam

You know what the big problem with golf is? Too much time between action. That gives us all kinds of opportunity to mindlessly speculate about crazy things, like "could Phil Mickelson win the Grand Slam?"

Seems absurd at first glance, doesn't it? And at second, and third, too. But let's go ahead and dig in anyway. Shane does a fine job of breaking this down over at Dogs That Chase Cars, so let's use that as our starting point. To begin:

The U.S. Open. This tournament brings back memories of the old "best to never win a major" Phil; he's got five second-place finishes, including the dramatic Bethpage tourney last year.

The British Open. Phil and The Open Championship don't get on all that well. His finishes there are closer to wide receivers' jersey numbers than single digits; he's only got a single top-10 finish, and that was a third-place finish at Royal Troon. At St. Andrews, he's carded ties for 40th, 11th and 60th. Ugh.

The PGA Championship. The "easiest" of the majors, and one that Phil won back in 2005. He finished in a tie for 6th the last time it was played at Whistling Straits, in 2004. It demands a less specific set of skills than any of the other three majors, so it's there for the taking.

Biggest obstacle is obviously the British, and the largest concern there is the weather. If we see some of that spooky gale-force wind, Phil's a goner. But the other two tournaments set up well for Mickelson ... and that in itself is an issue.

Outside of the courses, the major problem — no pun intended — is Phil's own propensity to fumble away prosperity. If he's the overwhelming favorite heading into any of these — as he could be at Pebble Beach, and may be at Whistling Straits — he's much more likely to spit the bit and struggle to make the cut. Best thing for Phil is that Tiger Woods will be playing in the U.S. Open to take at least some of the visibility off Phil.

It wouldn't be a surprise to see Mickelson take at least one more major this year. All four? Highly unlikely, but then again, so was that shot from the woods at 13.

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