Who the heck is Jhonny Vegas, and how's he leading the Hope?

See, this is why golf rules. Most of the world's best players are over in Abu Dhabi, opening the door wide for unknowns to take center stage at the Bob Hope Classic. And who better to step into the spotlight than a guy who sounds like a big-band singer?

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage ... Jhonny Vegas!

Yes, his last name is Vegas, and yes, that's how you spell his first name. (Actually, it's "Jhonattan.") He grew up in Venezuela, he learned golf by playing with broomsticks and rocks, and nobody knew who the heck he was prior to Thursday's round. His press conference was a series of questions verifying hastily read bio information.

And when you don't know what to ask, there's always this:

Q. What does it feel like to be in the lead of a PGA TOUR event?


Vegas took the various iterations of "help us out here, we don't know who the heck you are" in stride, and he's clearly thrilled to be in the mix here. But the media and fans aren't the only ones who don't know Jhonny Vegas yet. When asked whether he knew anything about his Day 3 playing partner, co-leader Boo Weekley replied, "I ain't got a clue ... That's y'all's job. My job is just to play golf."

It's a long way to go to Sunday night, but if Jhonny Vegas can keep it together till then, everybody's going to know his name. And he ought to start wearing shiny suits and skinny ties to the course every single day. Only right for a guy named Vegas.

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