Happy 50th, Kenny Perry. You're not old, you're just seasoned

Kenny Perry turned 50 on Tuesday. Kenny Perry is barely a year removed from nearly romping the Masters. Kenny Perry does not appear to be your typical 50-year-old golfer.

In other words, if Kenny Perry has any trouble making the yacht payments, he can jump on the Champions Tour and absolutely destroy the old coots over there.

Perry is going to be the first true test of the validity of the Champions Tour's 50-plus rule. Earlier this year, both Fred Couples and Mark Calcavecchia joined the Champions Tour and had immediate success, but neither Couples nor Calc was having the kind of consistent top-line success on the PGA Tour that Perry has had. Should the Champions Tour go to age 55? 60? Shoot, Rory McIlroy might be competitive on the PGA Tour until he's 80.

Anyway, happy birthday, KP. Go win a couple tournaments before hitting the early bird special.

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