This guy might be the best wedge artist the golf world has ever seen (Video)

Move over Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and just about everyone that has ever picked up a wedge and starting bouncing a golf ball on the face of it. Romain Bechu filmed himself bouncing a ball on his wedge with a GoPro and trust me on this, you'll want to stay and watch the entire four minute clip of this.

The video starts off relatively mundane in the sense of omg how did he do that! but it heats up as he pulls off moves that, frankly, I've never seen anyone even attempt.

Around the 2:42 move Bechu starts showing his tricks from his own point of view and the results are absolutely beautiful. I also really enjoyed the names he coined all the tricks, as you know that was probably as much of a commitment as him actually learning how to do all this.

At this point, what couldn't Bechu do? Bounce the ball while eating a sandwich? While napping? Could he bounce a baby on his sand wedge? I literally think this guy could do it all.

(Some of the background music is NSFW so be warned)

h/t Eye on Golf

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