A guy made a hole-in-one with a baseball bat, fake or not fake?

Shane Bacon

This video is swirling around the Internet and while it is our job to bring you all the latest in the golf world, we tend to avoid anything that could end up being fake.

With this one, we must post. A group of guys are playing Sanctuary Lakes when one, apparently with a bit of a "Tin Cup" infatuation, pulled out a baseball bat on a par-3.

The ball then landed short, rolled in and the guys on the green went a bit too un-crazy for my liking. I've been a part of a couple hole-in-ones in my life (not mine, of course) and both times the balls disappeared the people that made them, and the people watching, went absolutely bananas.

If this turns out to be legit, it's one of the cooler things you'll ever seen on a golf course. If it isn't, still a pretty good edit job by the people that wanted to one-up the South Park guys with a new craze, GOLFball.

Now your tell us; fake or not?

h/t The Big Lead