Grounded: FAA halts Tiger-banner plane's flight over Augusta

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The biggest story outside the ropes at Augusta on Thursday was also the highest — the plane towing banners aimed at Tiger Woods. The messages were pretty hack comedy: "Tiger: Did you mean Bootyism?" and the above "Sex addict? Yeah, right. Sure. Me too!"

Well, turns out our friendly pilot won't be back for a return engagement. The FAA stepped in and ordered the plane to stop flying until it has some "minor repairs." The plane was flying for a company named "Air America Aerial Ads," based in Ohio. The plane was permitted to fly back to Ohio to make those repairs, so it's not like they were too drastic. This smacks of the old "Southern cop smashing out your taillight and then fining you for it" trick, but you know, it is Augusta.

Too bad. Would've loved to see what witticisms that pilot was going to come up with today.

Woods, for his part, was asked about the plane but dismissed it with a curt "I didn't see it."


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