Greg Norman takes to Facebook to congratulate Adam Scott on his Masters win

We all know about Greg Norman's history at Augusta National. The man seemed destined to be the first Australian to take home a green jacket but it was always something that derailed him on his quests, ending his career without that Masters win.

But the legacy Norman left was a pretty big one in Australia. His rise to fame had plenty of youngsters running to their local driving ranges to see if they could be the next Shark, and with Adam Scott winning the Masters on Sunday evening it all came together.

Norman took to his Facebook page to send out some love for Scott on Sunday night.

Congratulations to Adam Scott on becoming the first Australian to win the Masters. I have been a huge believer in Adam and I am so proud of him, as is the rest of Australia. Adam is a great player and I'm confident this victory will catapult him to win more Majors. It will not surprise me if he wins more major championships than any other Australian golfer in history.

I was very proud of all of the Aussies today. It gave me so much pride to look up at the leaderboard and see three Aussie flags on there, and I was on the edge of my seat all afternoon watching the Masters.

I'm sure deep down Norman still wishes he could have left his mark on Augusta National with a win of his own, but judging by what he wrote there and some of the comments he's made on a few of the popular golf shows, he's as happy for Scott as anybody.

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