The greens were so bad at Quail Hollow that Sergio Garcia chipped a six-foot par putt

The PGA Tour has long been known for playing the finest golf courses in all the land. At almost every stop you see a golf course that looks like the color green was invented there, with perfect greens and plush fairways that makes even the casual golf fan jealous of the view.

This week at the Wells Fargo Championship was not one of those weeks. Quail Hollow struggled with weather, and the greens showed it, with blotchy spots on every green made even uglier by high definition.

How bad did it get? In the second round, Sergio Garcia elected to chip a six-foot par putt instead of roll it along the green because of all the spike marks and debris in his way. The result? Soft hands, great touch and a par.

Now that is definitely something you don't see everyday, but you have to give it up to Sergio for coming up with a way to get around the problem.

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