Green jacket vs. diapers: Ross Fisher may face a choice

We generally don't pry into the personal lives of golf superstars*, but we'd like to offer Ross Fisher a bit of advice: perhaps he and his wife could invest in a calendar?

Back in 2009, Fisher was playing the British Open at Turnberry while wondering whether his wife was going to give birth to their first child. He went into the final round just one shot off the lead, but his manager was under orders to yank him off the course if his wife went into labor. As it turned out, he finished the tourney before the birth of his daughter Eve. (Stewart Cink would win that tournament over Tom Watson, as you may recall.)

Now Fisher's facing the same issue with another kid-en-route and another major. This time it's Augusta and a child due April 12. Hmmm...cutting it a bit close there, aren't we, Ross?

"To be perfectly honest I don't know what I'll do if the baby comes early," Fisher told Reuters. "I'll just have to wait and see when the baby comes. I'll have to cross that bridge if and when we come to it." Fisher is now preparing for the Shell-Houston Open before heading to Augusta, which is a bit of an issue seeing that his wife is in England.

Our recommendation for Ross: skip Houston (it'll be full of Kentucky fans), make some meals for your bride, and make 'em extra-spicy. She'll think you're a great husband, and that young'un will head for the exit. Win-win.

* - Gotcha. You just about broke your fingers trying to bang out your outraged comment, didn't you?

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