Graeme McDowell tips a few beers … for charity!

When our pals over at Shutdown Corner or Ball Don't Lie show photos of athletes drinking, it's usually at a dance club with a champagne bottle, or accompanying a "...and then he drove his Escalade through a church" story. We, alas, have no such liveliness in our stories; we have to content ourselves with our athletes drinking beer in support of the creation of new charitable foundations.

Like Graeme McDowell here, who kicked off the creation of the G-MAC Foundation in New York City just prior to the start of The Barclays with assistance from Guinness. McDowell is apparently a connoisseur of Guinness, so the famed beer company kicked in and ... wait, is that all it takes to get a drink company on board? I'm all about the Jameson's! Support me and I'll start a charitable foundation myself! Promise!

Anyway, the foundation will support medical research for children in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the United States. It'll also bring children from Ireland and Northern Ireland to Florida for a vacation holiday. For more on the foundation, check out McDowell's own website right here. Guinness optional.

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