Graeme McDowell lets everyone know what he thinks of the “mashed potatoes” yell

These days, it seems like golf fans will do whatever it takes to get on television. It used to be that yelling "Get in the hole!" was enough to get you noticed, but after years of fans yelling the tired phrase on everything from tee shots to gimmie putts, some figured it was time to get creative and throw a new yell into the on-course lexicon.

Enter "Mashed potatoes," which made its debut last year at, where else, but the World Chellenge. Well, Mr. Mashed Pototoes — or does he prefer to be called "Tater" for short? — decided to make an appearance at his old stomping grounds after a Graeme McDowell approach shot.

Now most golfers rarely give the screaming fan the time of day, but following a tidy approach shot from McDowell, he decided to tell Mr. Mashed Potatoes what he thought of his yell with a not so subtle gesture and a word that rhymes with tanker.

I'm not sure if every pro golfer feels the same way about these yells. Scratch that, I'm fairly certain every pro golfer on the planet feels exactly like the U.S. Open champ.

McDowell went on to win the World Challenge by three over Keegan Bradley for his first title since 2010. The win was nice. But the hand gesture and comment? That's a priceless moment that's sure to make the 2012 highlight-reel.