Graeme McDowell asks Twitter if anyone would like to join his group on Friday at Muirfield

On Thursday at the British Open, Louis Oosthuizen was forced to withdraw during his round because of a neck injury. That left playing partners Graeme McDowell and Tiger Woods without a third, which happens from time to time on tour when someone is forced to leave because of injury.

That might be normal, but what McDowell did on Thursday night was a little out of the ordinary. The former U.S. Open champion took to his Twitter account to see if anyone would maybe be interested in playing with them on Friday at Muirfield.

Obviously the tweet was a joke from McDowell, who couldn't just pull out some lucky fan from Twitter to tee it up in a major championship, but the responses are pretty funny.

Spoiler alert, a lot of people said they'd be down to play if he needed someone. I know, I know, I was just as shocked as you.

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