Got a golf club? Arnold Palmer wants to give it a try

Can't ever say enough about Arnold Palmer, and there's a fine article in Monday's USA Today about how Arnie stockpiles club after club, testing and sizing up every single one of them.

How many clubs does Arnie have stacked in warehouses and garages in Orlando and Latrobe, Pa.? Oh, about 10,000 clubs and 2,000 putters. Tell that to your significant other the next time they complain about your golf habit. (On second thought, don't. They'll come back with "when you can play like Arnold Palmer, you can pile up junk like Arnold Palmer.")

"I always believe if you had a perfect golf club, you should be able to hit a perfect shot," Palmer told USA Today. "If you make a club that's pleasing to look at, then you've made a club that's easier to hit."

That perfect golf club has been Palmer's Holy Grail for most of his 80 years, always just out of reach. He's always been an equipment fiend, and he's never stood pat with his own clubs. During his playing days, he'd regularly hit the pro shop after rounds to grind his clubs to give himself the tiniest edge the next day. He'd also hammer away with blunt-force tools to create clubs that mechanical engineers replicate with ultraexpensive manufacturing equipment these days, and he still won going away.

Palmer will be hosting the Bay Hill Invitational later this week, and it's a good bet he'll bust out a few of his 12,000 clubs. But if you're lucky enough to ever get a look at his stash, don't go trying to swipe any of his clubs. He knows where every single one is located. And he will find you.

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