The gospel according to Gulbis: Open and shut

I won't be playing in the U.S. Open on Thursday, and I'm quite upset about it.

Why am I missing it? Well, there are several reasons. For one thing, I did not win a tournament last year or so far this year. For another, the USGA changed its qualifying requirements, and I simply didn't make the grade. It's a real shame because I've been playing really well, and so has Michelle Wie, who also won't be participating. I really believe both of us would have made a serious run at the championship. For me, it's also upsetting because I looked forward to the opportunity to compile very important Solheim Cup points. We're getting down to the wire, and though I'm eighth in the standings, I could be easily caught this week, and there are only two more events left to pick up more points.

Ironically enough, I'll be at Saucon Valley, the site of the Open, on Sunday afternoon signing autographs for one of my sponsors, Lexus. I'm happy to do it – I understand how important sponsors are and Lexus has been great to me – but while I'm sitting in a corporate tent, our national Open will be down to the final couple of holes. I can't tell you how painful that could be for me.

And how's this for more irony: I'm actually going to be playing the course next Monday. There was a contest to win a round of golf with me, and that's when we're doing it.

I won't be watching the early rounds of the Open. Instead, I'll be practicing with my coach, Butch Harmon, in Las Vegas. Who knows? Maybe this will, in the end, serve as a great motivating factor for me? I've always been someone to look for the bright side, and so that's what I'll do now.

That's all I can do now.

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