GolfTube: NBC uses the blimp to track Tiger Woods’ every move

Sizing up the TV coverage from the WGC-Cadillac Championship ... and away we go.

NBC has apparently found a new use for the MetLife blimp, after the network took advantage of the aerials shots and tracked Tiger Woods' every move following his WD from the Cadillac Championship.

We've seen some bizarre shots from the golf course over the years, but this ranked right up near the top. After NBC got word of Woods' decision to pull out of the tournament, after 11 holes, the blimp immediately started following Woods as he drove in a golf cart to his car.

No big deal, right? The problem was the overhead coverage didn't stop there. Trying to give viewers at home as much Tiger coverage as possible, the blimp continued to track Woods as he received ice packs through the window of his Mercedes, to the moment his car left the parking lot ... and started down the freeway.

"The MetLife blimp has got it covered," NBC's Dan Hicks said, as the blimp continued to track the car as it whizzed past other motorists. "Right above Tiger as he drives away.  ... But we still don't know the extent of the injury."

What made the moment even more incredible was that we almost got the quote of the year from NBC analyst Peter Jacobsen. After returning from a commercial break, Jacobsen could be heard saying that Tiger "better not pull into a puh..." before cutting himself off right before he finished the sentence.

Now, we don't like to make assumptions around here, but that "puh" sounded like he was about to say "a Perkins," but that would have been too perfect, right? I'm sure it was the "Pub"restaurant in Miami. Yeah, that's it.

Regardless, I guess we found out the blimp has a place at tournaments after all.

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Great angle on Woods' chip-in

Credit to NBC for using the overhead crane shot to get a great view of Tiger Woods' chip-in on the ninth hole during the third round. Viewers knew he had to get the ball up in a hurry, but the overhead view gave you an even better idea of the shot's degree of difficulty.

Plus, it was fun watching Woods' caddie, Joe LeCava, start to pull the putter from the bag, only to put it away a second later when the ball disappeared into the cup.

Johnny Miller thinks Keegan Bradley is electric

Keegan Bradley, like a lot of players on the PGA Tour, has a tendency to take his time before hitting a shot. And that's putting it nicely. If you've ever seen his pre-shot routine, you know it looks like he's undecided the entire time up until he hits the ball.

Leave it to Johnny Miller to sum up Bradley's fidgeting perfectly. During Saturday's third round, Miller said about Bradley's pre-shot routine that, "It's like he's being electrocuted the whole time." Well said, Johnny.

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