GolfTube: Johnny Miller gems, Bubba, and camera angles

Sizing up the TV coverage from the Deutsche Bank Championship ... and away we go.

NBC's Johnny Miller has been known to produce a few quotable gems during a telecast, but on Monday afternoon, the always opinionated Miller was at his best, throwing out some remarks that made an already intriguing Deutsche Bank final round even more enjoyable (read: absurd).

Here's a quick rundown of the best moments:

- "You hate to say it, but that is just a flat pressure meltdown," Miller said about Chez Reavie's wedge approach to the 72nd that found the left rough.- "Let's put it this way, you can't ask for an easier hole to make par on on the PGA Tour, and he makes bogey," Miller said following Reavie's bogey on the 72nd hole.

- "He's only won three times on U.S. soil. He needs to win more tournaments and championships, of course, but they need to be over in the United States." - On Luke Donald's reign as the No. 1 player in the World Golf Rankings.

- "I wish he'd win a hundred tournaments so the young kids would copy his fast play instead of the opposite." - On Brandt Snedeker's game.

- "If you're really serious about using the belly putter, you need to hit at least 1,000 putts with it before making a decision. I should know, having used the putter at one point in my career."

Love or hate the guy, he produces plenty of discussion during a round. If you don't believe me, just go search the words "Johnny Miller" on Twitter to see the comments on golf's most talked-about commentator.

The best part of all is we get to enjoy Miller for another couple of week, as NBC covers the BMW and Tour Championship. Get ready from some more "Millerisms," folks.

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Rickie Fowler running out of time?

Rickie Fowler is only 23 years old and has a long career ahead of him, but following another missed opportunity at his first PGA Tour victory, Johnny Miller made it clear that Fowler was running out of time for, you know, his first win.

"He's desperate for a victory," Miller said. "He really needs to get that first win, and it keep eluding him. But there's no doubting he needs to win now."

Really? He's "desperate" for a win at 22? Fowler has roughly 28 years left before he's eligible for the Champions Tour, but that didn't stop Johnny Miller from making the same comment a second time as Fowler was finishing up his round.

I think we can all agree he's been close a number of times and crumbled in the final round, but why don't we, I don't know, wait another couple of years before we say the kid is snakebit.

Bubba Watson's comments

Bubba Watson is a golf scribe's dream interview, no doubt about it. While most players on tour continually hide behind cliches, Watson chooses to speak his mind. His honesty is refreshing but at the same time, it's also gotten him into trouble recently.

The backlash has taken a toll on Bubba, who talked to Steve Sands after a second round 64 and said he wasn't "having fun." It was hard to decipher what Watson was trying to say from his cryptic comments, but it's clear he's dealing with some issues off the course.

No matter what Watson's going through at the moment, Frank Nobilo said Watson shouldn't consider changing the way he goes about doing interviews and interacting with people.

"I love how candid he is," Nobilo said. " ... We're living in a world now where we want our athletes to be interesting and candid. The problem is when they say something like that, people scream 'Oh, please be vanilla!' I don't want anybody to be like that. He's honest enough to admit what he's done wrong."

To tie a nice bow on the discussion, the Golf Channel's Steve Sands commented on Watson's current demeanor, following the interview.

"It's not a surprise based on his results over the last couple of months," Sands said. "He had a lot of problems with the fans and media over in France; he then apologized and had a much better experience. I think Bubba's just trying to figure it all out. He's a very emotional guy, on and off the golf course. When he gets angry on the golf course, it starts to seep into his personal life. ... It's definitely a double-edged sword these guys are living with, where if they don't say anything interesting, they're considered to be vanilla. But when they do, they get criticized and go back in their shell."

Never miss a shot

Credit to NBC's camera crew for locking the equipment on the action while they took a break during the early part of Sunday's third round. Doing so allowed them to catch an incredible eagle from Phil Mickelson, who knocked his second shot in on the 12th hole.

Trying their best show the entire shot, the network replayed Mickelson's shot, before zooming in to watch the ball roll in the hole. Hey, if you're going to miss a big shot in the tournament, at least you can breath easy knowing you still got the moment on camera.

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