Golfer sues friend after failed 'Fore' costs him his sight

So, here is a story that you don't run across everyday.

Two lawyer friends are playing golf on Long Island, when one of the friends hits such a bad shot out of the rough, that it hits his buddy on the head.

The result? Blindness in one eye, and a lawsuit in his hand. Yep, the guy that got hit is suing his buddy for not yelling 'Fore' when the bad shot was headed his way.

Dr. Azad Anand pushed a negligent lawsuit on Dr. Anoop Kapoor for not warning him of the bad golf shot, and after a lower court pushed the lawsuit aside, saying Anand took on the risk by golfing, the lawsuit is going up the ladder.

A midlevel court also heard the case, and agreed that Anand wasn't in a "danger zone" and thus didn't need a warning. A dissenting justice sided more with Anand.

So, Tuesday, a New York Court of Appeals will hear the case, and decide.

Here are the exact details of the situation, via the AP.

The men, frequent golf partners, were playing in October 2002 at the Dix Hills Park Golf Course with another friend, Balram Verma. After hitting a second shot on the first hole, each set off to find his ball.

Anand testified that he was hit as soon as he found his ball and turned around, about 15 to 20 feet away from Kapoor.

Verma testified that Anand was 15 to 20 feet away from Kapoor and about 50 degrees away from the intended line of flight for Kapoor’s shot.

Kapoor testified that Anand was farther away and at an angle of 60 to 80 degrees. He said he shouted a warning when he realized the ball was headed toward Anand. Neither friend said he heard a warning.

Now, your turn; do you think the golfer that hit the shot is at fault at all and should have warned his playing partner, or is this just part of the game?

I side with Kapoor here, because at times, things happen so quickly you don't have time to warn your partner. It seems if you hit someone in your group with a golf shot, it probably was a shank of some type, and you didn't have time to scream.

Let us hear your thoughts on the issue.

I'm fairly certain Robert Allenby would side with Kapoor on this one as well.