The golfer stereotypes video is just about perfect

There is literally nothing worse than playing golf with an annoying golfer. The problem is, how do you exactly define "annoying golfer"? Is he the dude that flips out on the golf course, or the guy that thinks he's way better than he is, or even the guy that magically finds his golf ball no matter the poor shot?

The above video, courtesy of Dude Perfect, takes on most of the stereotypes on the golf course, and it's amazing.

From The Old Guy, to the Rage Monster, to the unreliable man with the scorecard (and eraser), you can find just about every type of bad golfer possible on here.

Here are just a few I think they missed:

- The Guy That Gets Super Wasted
- The Golfer That Never Knows Where His Ball Is
- The Guy That Always Parks the Cart on the Wrong Side of the Ball (I'm a lefty, this is a huge problem)
- The Cliche Guy (If I hear "you're standing on the wrong side of the ball" one more time I might take my 5-iron to someone's dome)
- The Bad Golfer That Never Picks Up and Counts Every Stroke Guy
- The "That's Not Good" Guy
- The "That's Good Even Though You're Seven Feet Away" Guy
- The "I Can Definitely Get There With a 7-Iron Even Though I've Never Hit a 7-iron This Far in My Life" Guy
- The Guy That Takes the 90-Degree Rule a Little Too Serious
- The Guy That Hits on Every Cart Girl

What else did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

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