Golfer stabbed in the leg after trying to play through

You may want to reconsider asking the foursome in front of you if you can play through the next time you're on the course.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, an on-course altercation turned ugly when a threesome tried to play through a slow foursome that was holding the group up.

After receiving instruction from the course marshal to play ahead, the group encountered a roadblock when they tried to pass the foursome. Clay Carpenter, a member of the threesome got into a war of words with the foursome, and before he knew it, he was on the ground fighting with one of the golfers.

That's when things turned really ugly, after a member of the foursome reportedly used a broken club shaft to stab Carpenter in the leg twice.

But the story gets even more bizarre. As Carpenter lay suffering with a punctured femoral artery and massive blood loss, a member of the foursome called 911 and told the dispatcher that the victim had fallen "on a golf club or something."

Carpenter was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and released on Sunday. That's the good news. The unfortunate news is that the loss of blood could lead to Carpenter having his leg removed due to the lack of blood flow.

"People get in arguments every day on every golf course in America," Carpenter told the Star-Telegram. "But 99.9 percent of the time no one takes it this far."

It should never get to this point. Hopefully the entire foursome gets the book thrown at them for this gruesome incident.

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