Golfer aces hole, wins his weight in ham. Makes sense.

Sometimes, the headline says all you need to know, doesn't it?

Get this: At the Madrid Masters, Scotland's Elliot Saltman has won his weight in ham for acing the par-3 third in the second round on Friday. He's got a long way to go to get back in the mix in the tournament; he ended the first day 11 strokes behind leader Ross McGowan.

Still, he can take pleasure in the fact that he'll eat well for quite some time. Saltman's weight is listed on the European Tour site at 108 kilos, which equates to 237 pounds. Sweet mercy! He'll need to buy another seat for that ham on the way home!

Until this savory prize, Saltman was best known as the guy who got tagged with a three-month suspension for allegedly mismarking his ball on the green during Q School a couple years back. Now, though, he can buy off anybody who still harbors doubts about his honesty with a few pounds of ham. Sweet, delicious ham. Is there no problem it can't solve?