Golf war! South Korean players battle new OneAsia Tour

There's nothing quite like a golf war, one fought with decorum amid the rage. We've got one flaring up right now in Asia, as the new OneAsia Tour finds itself in a showdown with South Korean players over entry spots to tournaments.

The OneAsia Tour is the creation of the Australian PGA in connection with Chinese and South Korean golf associations. Its very existence has drawn criticism from the Asian Tour, which charges that OneAsia is horning in on its action.

The reason for this current controversy is the fact that OneAsia has cut the number of entries for local players from 60 to 40 players at three events: SK Telecom, Maekyung Open and Korea Open. Asian Tour officials gloated that they've never had a similar problem in their 20 years of existence.

However, OneAsia officials counter that there's no big deal, and even a planned boycott isn't concerning them, at least not publicly. Regardless, OneAsia needs to get this under control in a hurry; with as popular as the game is now in Asia, any wrinkles in operation just leave money on the table.

New Asian tour faces South Korean boycott [Reuters via Yahoo! Sports]

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