Golf Channel will debut Twitter-feed broadcasting this weekend

You know, this whole Internet thing just might stick around after all. This weekend, Golf Channel will debut a new feature, "Social Media Saturday," in which the channel's commentators offer up their perspective via Twitter on the on-course doings at the Nationwide Tour Championship in Charleston, S.C.

For part of the telecast, Golf Channel's on-air talent will switch over to Twitter one-liners over live video and audio feeds. The effect, then, will be something like reading the feeds on your phone while being at the event itself, or something like that.

Tweeting from the course will be Rex Hoggard and Randall Mell, and the format will be exactly what you're seeing above. And even if you're not watching the tournament, which you should, you can follow on Twitter by searching out the hashtag #SocialSat.

Now, this is a nice idea and all, and Rex and Randall know their stuff inside and out, but there's an opportunity here. The greatness of social media is that it opens the door wide to amateur commentators from all over the planet, many of whom are much funnier and more incisive, at least for one tweet, than the professionals. (Trust me on this. Many's the time I've come up with a killer one-liner, only to go to Twitter and see someone blow it out of the water with a gem of their own.)

So this is a great idea, and nice job to Golf Channel for innovating. Next step, though: let the rest of us in on the fun. What could possibly go wrong?

(Oh, and tip to Golf Channel tweeters: be very sure you're not tweeting out what's supposed to be a text. That could go very badly indeed.)