The Golf Channel can't quit John Daly

Quick, what does the 79 stand for Thursday when referencing John Daly?

Was it, A.) his score or B.) the amount of times The Golf Channel showed him in their Thursday coverage of the Farmers Insurance Open.

If you picked C.) Both, you win. No matter the golf shot, or how many over the man in the hideous zebra pants seemed to be, The Golf Channel continued to follow him around, with the final coup de grace coming when Kelly Tilghman (Err, Kelly Tilghman) used this segue -- "His struggles continue out there in round one, and he's had his share of struggles in life as well."

That segue led to another of The Golf Channel's many promos for their upcoming Daly series, which I will abstain from mentioning in full because, well, they promote it enough over there for all of us.

Listen, I like John Daly. He's always been good for the game, even when he's been bad. That said, if the guy is 7-over (which, to be fair could have easily been 9 or 10-over if not a couple of BOMB par-saving putts), drop the obvious use of air time for your original series and give us actual golfers playing good golf. If Daly was even par or even a couple of over, I'm fine with it. He's a big name in an event he's won before.

But when he is two shots from dead last in the field, without a single birdie on the scorecard all Thursday, drop it. If we want Daly, we'll tune in to that show you keep yapping about.

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