The Friday Tiger wanted over is finally over

It was one of the most celebrated media events in the history of our country, and it didn't involve a serial killer or a politician. It had nothing to do with the well-being of our world, but it did deal with the most famous athlete of this generation.

Tiger Woods spoke at 11 AM ET. He told us he was sorry, he told us he wouldn't be golfing anytime soon and he let us know that rehab will be his temporary address.

He spoke vehemently against domestic violence, performance enhancing drugs and the media abuse of his family.

Most importantly ... he was there, in person, giving us a little something before he disappears again for god knows how long. The next time we see Tiger will most likely be at a golf event, swinging a club and talking to the media about his game. The healing has started for the Woods' family, and now, it can start for us too.

Enjoy the weekend, folks. On Saturday, expect something a little different around these parts than what we've had the last couple of days -- actual golf news. Hit 'em straight.

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