Freddie nails down the PGA Tour/Champions Players two-step

Good news for one of golf's good guys: Fred Couples won the Senior Players Championship — sorry, the Constellation Energy Senior Players Championship — and thus completed a rare feat: he's now won the Players Championship on both the youngsters' and oldsters' tours. Only two other guys have done that, so he's in fairly esteemed company. Who were those guys? Couple cats named Jack Nicklaus and Raymond Floyd. You may or may not know 'em.

Anyway, Couples ran down John Cook, shooting a 71 to Cook's 70 to tie at 11-under, and then won the event in a three-hole playoff. Third place went to Peter Senior, who unfortunately does not apparently have a son named Peter Senior Junior.

Freddie had taken several months off because of a variety of injuries, and this being the Champions Tour, four of the questions at his press conference concerned the status of his hip. (Another asked for his take on the early-bird buffet at Vernon's House of Easily Digestible Soups.) Cook, meanwhile, couldn't contain his disappointment at letting the tournament get away.

"I've played hundreds of rounds with Fred," Cook said. "It's fun to be part of. It's not fun to be on that end, but it's fun to be part of."

Congrats to Freddie for another fine performance. Heads up, Champions dudes; he's going to be owning you guys until Vijay Singh shows up.

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