Former college golfer shoots a 56 (56!) at a par-72 Kentucky golf course

So, you once broke 80 on your best day? That's nice. Jesse Massie just smoked you and pretty much everybody else who's ever swung a golf club. He carded a 56 — a 56! — at the Glenmary Country Club in Louisville, the golf equivalent of a mic drop and walk offstage.

Now, before you scream FAKE or whatever, let's look at the stats. First, the course is a 6,540-yard par-72; this is no executive course. And Massie had two playing partners attest to his score, which you can see above. The total: 14 birdies, one eagle, three pars playing from the tips. That total even includes a single penalty stroke after one drive landed in a tree.

Massie played college golf at Eastern Kentucky University. After the round, he told the Louisville Courier Journal that his previous low round was a 61 at the Arlington Country Club in Richmond, Kentucky.

“The back side (of Glenmary) has always been easy, and I’ll try to shoot at 30 or 29,” Massie said. “But I never thought I’d shoot at 29 on the front … Then on No. 12 I made an eagle putt from about 35 feet to get to 10 under. I knew I had something going then.” He finished on the highest of high notes, with six straight birdies. His last two putts were 30 and 20 feet. That's how you finish a round.

Massie's 56 thus joins the ranks of other astonishing rounds of golf, including a 55 shot at a golf club in Oklahoma and a 58 shot by a 9-year-old in a junior golf tournament. Club pro Jack Ridge plans to submit Massie's 16-under total to the Guinness Book of World Records. Massie, meanwhile, is playing in the Carolina Series of the NGA Pro Golf Tour.

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