For the second straight day, Phil Mickelson hits tee shot in the grandstands on No. 5, plays it

If this wasn't real life, and real sport, nobody would believe what happened to Phil Mickelson on Saturday at The Barclays.

A day after wowing the fans with a shot out of the grandstands on the par-4 fifth hole, Mickelson's tee shot sailed left again on the same hole, hit the cart path just like it did on Friday, and bounced into the grandstands to a perfect, AstroTurf lie.

What did Mickelson do? Play the shot from the grandstands, just like he did on Friday, but this time he was able to make a par, one shot better than his adventures in the second round.

Mickelson appeared to take a little more time with this one, hitting it on the green and two-putting for the par.

As for The Barclays, fans had a little fun with his shot from Friday, painting "Phil was here" right around the area he first hit from.

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