Five random text questions with LPGA star Christina Kim

Through my LPGA caddie experiences, I've become friends with the occasional player, and one of them happens to be Christina Kim (We're friends, right?). Christina is one of the most likable characters in golf, because of her ability to show emotion no matter what it is, and include the crowds at all times.

On Monday, I decided to ask Christina five questions, all of which were conducted over Blackberry, which means this might be the first interview ever via text message. Here is what she had to say, after admitted to being a little tired after traveling all across the world.

Q: Your book is called, "Swinging From my Heels" - what would you shoot in a competitive tourney if you played in high heels?

Kim: I def know I'd break 100, maybe 90 if the heels were either chunky or not too tall!!!

‎​Q: You are stuck with one cell phone for the rest of eternity, what do you go with?

Kim: I think answering the question of which organ I would give up if I had to in order to survive because there was a psychotic sociopath that took me hostage is easier to answer. That being said, ummmmm.... The phone I would go for would be.... The..... Hmmmmmmm...... Left kidney?

‎​Q: The funniest thing that happened to you this year on tour?

Kim: There were so many hilarious moments on tour this year. I don't even know where to start. Between all the horrific travel days I've had this year to the insane pro-ams I've played in involving tequila and an ex-Secret Service agent's hubcap being blown off by an errant tee shot, to having a ball of a time with friends after a tournament, including dancing in parking lots, I can't just pick one!!!!

Q: You have had some Twitter battles - give us one or two you've had and what transpired.

Kim: They were all the same battles. I got overly sensitive over someone tweeting something not nice to me, I cried, they felt bad, and now all is good. Except for two people I have subsequently blocked. I don't even remember their names, but they talked mad ish to me.

‎​Q: If you had to play golf with one golf writer not co-author of your book, who would it be?

Kim: I've played golf with John Raser, so he's soooooooooo out. I would have to say I'd love to play golf with SHANE BACON!!! He's got a great demeanor as a caddie, and I'd love to see how he takes himself on the golf course. Plus, he's a lefty, so that hilarity factor gives him a one up on everyone. Sorry, Ryan Ballengee!!!

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